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Indexing virtual properties

Zhibin Mai requested to merge indexing_virtual_properties into master

Issue 69

The following two features are not implemented as described in the ADR:

  1. “isType” in the Priority is not considered when choosing the right property for the virtual property.
  2. “x-osdu-relationship” is not considered during the indexing.

Here is the comment from Neelesh Thakur: "While working on Schema & Indexer extensions, we came up with two different ADRs, Virtual Properties on Indexer service & Schema extensions on Schema service. Virtual Properties ADR has few references of Schema Extension ADR. Community only approved Virtual Properties ADR, while other one is still pending and it’s less likely it will go through now. isType & x-osdu-relationship are related to Schema Extensions ADR, you can safely ignore these for now. "

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