Project Management Committee

Contains the organization and governance material for PMC and associated projects.

This is the main page for the Project Management Committee (PMC) governance information. The following links provide detailed information:

OSDU platform is designed in a manner that clearly identifies the system core services as the hub that ties together the various other top-level projects as satellites to this hub. The hub provides services around schema, identity, storage, notifications, DDMS registry to ensure that all associated projects have the core services necessary to integrate and expand from OSDU R2 defined the first cut version of these and the system itself will be evolving in a calculated manner to support the addition of the satellites.

The satellites are projects that either extend the system capabilities by providing support for services for ingestion, enrichment, delivery including search/discovery, helper services for frame-of-reference handling including units, coordinate systems, elevation references, etc., or by extending the system and providing domain-specific extensions to OSDU to optimize the storage, access, and delivery of meta and array data for different domains such as wellbore, seismic, reservoir, well planning, production, etc.

This Projects page illustrates the projects and the relationship to the OSDU System.

PMC Project Reviews provide weekly status on the projects contributing to the OSDU Data Platform.

Post R3 Development