Updating Factory Implementations for Client generation using Key vault Credentials

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Currently we are using MSI to connect with Azure Resources in Data Partition, which requires appropriate role assignments of Service Principal and Managed Identities over the respective Azure resources

As of now the DefaultAzureCredential class is getting used to generate AD Tokens for Authenticating to Azure Resources

This change is updating Factory Implementations for Client Generation using KeyVault Credentials

Storage Account Blob Clients & Service Bus Topic Clients are getting initialized using DefaultAzureCredential and corresponding implementation using Keyvault Credentials is introduced in the change

The change is under feature flag and can be controlled via the property azure.msi.isEnabled

  • By default the existing set up of MSI will continue to work as matchIfMissing property is set to true
  • This property has to be set to false to use the clients using KeyVault Credentials
  • Services willing to use clients with KeyVault Credentials should set azure.msi.isEnabled=false in application.properties

The change has been tested by including this version of core-lib-azure in Schema, Storage & WKS service locally

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