Commit 91a4f3fd authored by Anastasiia Gelmut's avatar Anastasiia Gelmut
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GONRG-1537 Fixed Integration Test

parent e3e35387
......@@ -98,10 +98,15 @@ public class PartitionServiceImpl implements IPartitionService {
public PartitionInfo updatePartition(String partitionId, PartitionInfo partitionInfo) {
if(partitionInfo.getProperties().containsKey("id")) {
throw new AppException(HttpStatus.SC_BAD_REQUEST, "can not update id", "the field id can not be updated");
if (!this.partitionPropertyEntityRepository.findByPartitionId(partitionId).isPresent()) {
throw new AppException(HttpStatus.SC_NOT_FOUND, UNKNOWN_ERROR_REASON,
"An attempt to update not existing partition.");
List<PartitionPropertyEntity> partitionProperties = new ArrayList<>();
for (Map.Entry<String, Property> entry : partitionInfo.getProperties().entrySet()) {
PartitionPropertyEntity entity = this.partitionPropertyEntityRepository
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