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Refactor for Notification-Service Reference Implementation

sai ram gopal batchu requested to merge notification-RI into master

Type of change

  • Bug Fix
  • Feature

More details about the solution:

As a part of the community implementation solution GC module was refactored to the Core-Plus module, in addition new pluggable approach for Drivers was used.

What is the current behavior?

  • We do not have the core-plus module.
  • Drivers not pluggable, all dependencies bounded during the compile step.

What is the new/expected behavior?

  • We have the core-plus module.
  • Drivers are pluggable and could be attached to service during image build, not compile.

Dev Checklist:

  • Start
  • Dependencies
    • Add core-plus as a module to the root pom file, located in ./pom.xml
    • Replace Google Drivers OQM, OBM, OSM with latest Community Core Drivers OQM, OBM, OSM, ex: old oqm new os-oqm-core
    • Replace core-lib-gc with core-plus-common-lib
    • Add spring boot loader dependency.
    • Update spring-boot-maven plugin, to use PropertiesLauncher as a main class.
    • Remove Google Cloud dependencies, except Google Datastore (it's a known issue. Datastore dependency should accompany OSM, if you had to add it please update the issue with the project link).

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