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Making service opendes complaint

Komal Makkar requested to merge data_partitioning_opendes into master
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What is the issue or story related to the change?

Recently we have update the infrastructure against which Ci/CD pipelines run to become DP complaint. In this process, we have moved away from having a single resource containing all the azure resources. Now each tenant has its dedicated resource group. The naming convention of various keys in KV has also changed. e.g. erstwhile cosmos-key is now called opendes-cosmos-key for a tenant named opendes

High-level design:

  • The purpose of this MR is to make code changes work against any one tenant. That one tenant is opendes in this case. Hence updating the key names according to above-mentioned convention. Now keys are called opendes-cosmos-endpoint and opendes-cosmos-primary-key.
  • Updated the UTs

Does this introduce a breaking change?

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Pending items

deployment yamls will be changed to reflect the change in the name of keys

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