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[IssueFix-12] [Azure] Reindex API for azure fails during entitlement calls

Aman Verma requested to merge users/amaverma/debugReindexEndpoint into master

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This MR removes the override of IEntitlementsService present in provider/azure. The overridden code is buggy in the sense that it doesn't make any actual API calls to Entitlement service but does some in memory processing and returns the response then and there. This exposes us to two potential vulnerabilities:

  1. Actual authorization is not taking place hence we are at risk of exposing content to unauthorized user
  2. The overriding code is buggy itself. From exceptions we see failures related to object casting and this failure is hiding the real problem

High level design:

Removed the overriding code in provider/azure.


#12 (closed)

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