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Fix retry for deleted records when index not exist

Rustam Lotsmanenko (EPAM) requested to merge add-not-retrybile-tasks into master


When the indexer receives an event with Op type DELETE, it deletes provided records at elasticsearch. During integration tests scenario when index completely deleted at elasticsearch are often, and in that case, if index receives DELETE events for specific records in that index, they will always fail:

    "data": "[{\"id\":\"osdu:work-product-component--WellboreMarkerSet:60182840a28944bb81d81cc4d4c60136\",\"kind\":\"testtest:wks:work-product-component--WellboreMarkerSet:1.0.0\",\"op\":\"delete\"}]",
    "attributes": {
        "account-id": "{{data-partition-id}}"

But due to NOT_FOUND response from elasticsearch this task will go for the next round of retry

"{auditLog={resources=[RecordStatus(id=osdu:inttest:164613302639927, kind=osdu:ds:inttest:1.0.1646133014242, operationType=delete, status=FAIL, message=[osdu-ds-inttest-1.0.1646133014242] ElasticsearchException[Elasticsearch exception [type=index_not_found_exception, reason=no such index [osdu-ds-inttest-1.0.1646133014242]]])], action=DELETE, actionId=IN003, message=Failed deleting record in index,, status=FAILURE}} {account-id=osdu, correlation-id=8729b1d4-17c9-4141-9257-5fd63ec9c373, data-partition-id=osdu}"

Currently, this forms a cycle at GCP env with endlessly task retry.

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