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GONRG-2185: Single manifest validation hiden under the flag

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......@@ -91,13 +91,19 @@ class SingleManifestProcessor(object):
7) create an ingestion queue according to child-parent relationships between entities
8) process valid manifest entities one-by-one
:param with_validation: Flag for validation steps
:return: List of record ids.
record_ids = []
manifest_schema = self.schema_validator.validate_common_schema(manifest)
if with_validation:
manifest_schema = self.schema_validator.validate_common_schema(manifest)
manifest_schema = self.schema_validator.get_schema(self.schema_validator.get_manifest_kind(manifest))
traversal = ManifestTraversal(manifest, manifest_schema)
manifest_entities = traversal.traverse_manifest()
# This set is used inside manifest_analyzer to know what entities must be before schema validation and integrity check.
# Used to detect orphaned entities in manifest_analyzer
original_manifest_entities_ids = set(
......@@ -107,15 +113,19 @@ class SingleManifestProcessor(object):
if with_validation:
manifest_entities = self.schema_validator.validate_manifest(manifest_entities)
logger.debug(f"valid schema entities count: {len(manifest_entities)}")
if with_validation:
logger.debug(f"valid referential integrity entities count: {len(manifest_entities)}")
manifest_analyzer = ManifestAnalyzer(
for record_id in self._process_records(manifest_analyzer):
record_ids.append(record_id)"Processed ids {record_ids}")
return record_ids
......@@ -295,6 +295,20 @@ class SchemaValidator(HeadersMixin):
jsonschema.validate(schema=schema, instance=data, resolver=resolver)
def get_manifest_kind(manifest: dict) -> str:
Utility method to extract kind value
Raises GenericManifestSchemaError exception in case of absent `kind` property
:param manifest: Manifest data
:return: Manifest's kind
return manifest["kind"]
except KeyError:
raise GenericManifestSchemaError("There is no kind in the Manifest.")
def validate_common_schema(self, manifest: dict) -> dict:
This is a preliminary validation of a manifest that verifies that a manifest corresponds
......@@ -303,13 +317,11 @@ class SchemaValidator(HeadersMixin):
:param manifest:
:return: Manifest schema
if not manifest.get("kind"):
raise GenericManifestSchemaError(f"There is no kind in the Manifest.")
schema = self.get_schema(manifest["kind"])
kind = self.get_manifest_kind(manifest)
schema = self.get_schema(kind)
if not schema:
raise GenericManifestSchemaError(
f"There is no schema for Manifest kind {manifest['kind']}")
f"There is no schema for Manifest kind {kind}")
schema_without_refs = copy.deepcopy(schema)
if schema_without_refs.get("properties"):
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