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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • Any issues that need discovery / evaluation to get team to starting point, will be part of this title
  • RI
    OSDU Software
    This backlog item / Issue / MR affects the community reference implementation
  • SeverityCritical
    OSDU Software
    This defect indicates complete shut-down of the process, nothing can proceed further and constitutes a breaking defect
  • SeverityLow
    OSDU Software
    This defect is low impact, no breaking workflow/any workflow, medium/low security vulnerabilities There is a workaround that exists
  • SeverityMajor
    OSDU Software
    This defects is a major issue but certain parts of the system remain functional.
  • SeverityMedium
    OSDU Software
    This defect has medium impact, no breaking workflow/no data loss, high/medium security vulnerabilities There is a workaround that exists and should be fixed after high priority
  • Vulnerability Management
    OSDU Software
    This Issue / MR affects the security aspects of the Data Platform