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allow id with dot if request with and without dots are in separate requests

Neelesh Thakur requested to merge loosen-id-restrictions into master

Earlier fix on the issue #213 was a breaking change for the consumers. This change-set mitigate the breaking change to certain extent.

OSDU record-ids support trailing dot (.) as defined by Data Definition schema pattern. This exact pattern is also used by Storage service's record-id validator. As this pattern is defined on reference schema, and used by almost all schemas on OSDU Data Platform, any change to record-id pattern will require major version upgrade to virtually all schemas.

As mentioned on the issue, Azure Cloud Storage does NOT support trailing dot (.) and hence similar shortcoming are imposed on Storage API.

There are few solutions that can be implemented to address shortcoming in Azure Cloud Storage, but none of those solutions are trivial and require lot of refactoring of common code or low level cloud storage classes on Storage service.

The specific issue only happens when record with and without trailing dot (.) are used on same PUT API call. If they are split in different requests then we can process such record-ids. Moreover, usage of such record-ids are only observed in reference-schema's OSDU bootstrapped data and it's not widely used.

This changeset loosen up previous validation that outright reject all requests with trailing dot (.). It will still be a breaking change if users have automated workflow to create records that includes record-ids with and without trailing dot (.) on same request, but it will not completely drop the support the record-id with trailing dot (.).

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