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Updating Core Azure Library for Release/0.16

David Diederich requested to merge upgrade-core-azure-for-0.16 into release/0.16

This update allows the newly patched content from the Core Azure Library to be used within the Storage service.

The library changes replace bulk operations with upserts; details available at: osdu/platform/system/lib/cloud/azure/os-core-lib-azure!239 (merged)

This is not a cherry-pick, per se. Because the Core Lib Azure has had several changes for 0.17, the default branch is being updated to incorporate all of them. This MR updates the release branch to use only the 2 patches that were picked into the Core Lib Azure's release branches. Since this exact configuration has never been tested before, I added a trusted branch to the MR to see the results before merging it in.

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