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FoR(Frame-Of-Reference) fixes - ibm

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issue #55 (closed)

This fix is for FoR (Frame-of-Reference) ,basically a header value needs to be passed with storage /query/records:batch endpoint to enable conversion of data. The mandatory values in the system to initiate this are :

  1. Header in request : frame-of-reference=units=SI;crs=wgs84;elevation=msl;azimuth=true north;dates=utc;
  2. CRS_API value in storage service at environment level which should point to CRS-CONVESRION-SERVICE Example: CRS_API=https://<<csp-api-gateway>>/api/crs/converter/v2
  3. A variable createCrsJWTToken=false ha been added in in storage core to stop regeneration of JWTToken and to pass the original header as is. This is kept for making it non breaking for CSP. In case CSP wants to pass same authorization header, the value can be false else default value of true results in new token generated as per CSP specific implementation of generating id token.
  4. All test cases which were ignored earlier in have been enabled. Configuration discussed in 2 and 3 need to considered for passing the test cases.
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