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Correcting the parameter list for `DeploySharedSchemas` step

Aman Verma requested to merge users/amaverma/BootstrapBugFix into master


Azure_bootstrap step fails with error error: unrecognized arguments: -l load_sequence.1.0.0.json


Previously the used to accept two arguments - load sequence and URL

$AZURE_DEPLOYMENTS_SCRIPTS_SUBDIR/ -l load_sequence.1.0.0.json -u $AZURE_SCHEMA_URL. The script has been modified to accept these values from environment variables in this commit 28729d8e . The -l parameter is no longer supported.


Taking reactionary changes in azure related scripts. Now the script call looks like this: $AZURE_DEPLOYMENTS_SCRIPTS_SUBDIR/ -u $AZURE_SCHEMA_URL

No load sequence is being passed since default value works in our case.

cc: @kibattul , @harshit283

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