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Adding exception handling in IsUnique checks

Aman Verma requested to merge users/amaverma/fixIsUniqueBug into master

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What is the issue or story related to the change?

POST calls to create schemas fail with NullPointerException while creating cosmos client

High level design:

In the IsUnique check, we iterate over each tenant to see whether the schema that we are trying to create is already present there. If the call to cosmos DB fails for one of the tenants, the entire loop crashed down without graceful handling.

Adding proper exception handling for such cases

PS: Why were the cosmos db calls failing?

There were some test tenants in tenantInfo table for which we did not have cosmos end point information populated in partition service. Hence for those test tenants the cosmosCLient generation would fail. This won't repro in all the environments because they might not have these incompletely populated tenants present there. Issue:

Change details:

  • Added a try catch block
  • Added UTs

Test coverage:


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