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updating the "no auth header" related integration test

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During schema service Integration test run with istio enabled, it has been observed that one Integration test which covers the No auth header fails because of wrong HttpStatus code. This happens because of the way Istio processes this request. For No auth header scenario Istio returns error code 403 instead of 401(More details in the issue linked)

High level design: Updated the Integration test to accept two types of HttpStatus codes, 401 and 403. This, ofcourse, is a short term fix. The test would revert back to it's old state once this issue is fixed and Istio handles the no auth header scenario as expected.

Issue: osdu/platform/system/lib/cloud/azure/os-core-lib-azure#1 (closed)

Change details:

  • Refer the Issue to get more details. One important thing to note here is not all cloud providers are facing this issue because they don't use Istio for authentication and the service itself has logic to handle this. Hence the test is passing for them.
  • Enabled the integration test run step

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