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[Common-Code] Updating the interfaces by adding methods for handling public schemas

Aman Verma requested to merge users/amaverma/updateInterfacesForSystemAPI into master

This is the first MR for implementing ADR #51

What's changing:

  • In the aforementioned ADR, we proposed that creation of system schemas should be done via a different REST end point altogether rather than by specifying a certain data-partition-id in headers in the existing /schema API
  • The new API does not accept data-partition-id header, hence all the processing of system schemas should be done independent of tenant-id (same as data-partition-id) More details are listed in ADR.

Change details:

Building on top of the details mentioned in previous section, we need the provider interfaces to expose methods for system schemas. These methods would be similar to existing methods, except they won't accept data-partition-id (aka tenantId) as parameter. Additionally, the method name should clearly communicate that it deals with system schemas and not normal schemas.

cc: @polavishnu @harshit283 @preeti @gramdas @pbehede @akumar290

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