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Security issue fix (GONRG-745); GCP testing to V3 (GONRG-827)

Riabokon Stanislav(EPAM)[GCP] requested to merge security_issue_fix into master


  • Reverted deletion of SecurityConfiguration class
  • Moved integration tests for GCP to v3

How to test:

The code has been tested locally by accessing ./api/unit/v2/swagger-ui.html endpoint

Changes include:

  • Refactor (a non-breaking change that improves code maintainability).
  • Bugfix (a non-breaking change that solves an issue).
  • New feature (a non-breaking change that adds functionality).
  • Breaking change (a change that is not backward-compatible and/or changes current functionality).

Changes in:

  • GCP
  • Azure
  • AWS
  • IBM
  • Core

Dev Checklist:

  • Added Unit Tests, wherever applicable.
  • Updated the Readme, if applicable.
  • Existing Tests pass
  • Verified functionality locally
  • Self Reviewed my code for formatting and complex business logic.

Other comments:

This code change has been added due to the unavailability of Swagger. When trying to access Swagger endpoint, you will be redirected to the login page. This code change will fix the issue.

Edited by Siarhei Khaletski (EPAM)

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