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Resolve "Upgrade Core IBM Dependency"

David Diederich requested to merge 7-upgrade-core-ibm-dependency into master

Closes #7 (closed)

See osdu/platform&9 (closed) for more details.

MR's Raison d'être

This MR updates the IBM core dependency to use the latest released version of the library. Keeping our library usage at the latest helps avoid subtle incompatibility bugs from creeping in, and ensures that all Data Platform code is staying current with bug fixes and performance improvements in the core libraries.

Dependency Table, after the application of this MR's changes

Maven Dependencies Root POM
os-core-common 0.9.0
core-lib-azure 0.9.0
core-lib-gcp 0.9.0
os-core-lib-ibm 0.9.0

Housekeeping Updates

FOSSA Update

This MR also updates the FOSSA attributions, since these need to be kept up to date on every MR. Changes are expected whenever the library dependencies are updated.

Update Deprecated Pipeline Includes

This MR also updates the .gitlab-ci.yml file to use the newer pipeline includes, rather than relying on deprecated includes that mimic old behavior. These housekeeping updates should be done regularly on MRs when they are discovered so the old CI include files can be deleted and no longer supported.

Remove Direct References to 'master'

This MR removes hard-coded references to master. Instead, the default branch is used by not specifying a branch in the CI includes. This will easy future transition to different branch names.

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