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partion-service-as-tenantinfo-provider (GONRG-2188)


Replace TenantInfo table call in os-core-common with implementation that utilize Partition Service
Migration of OSDU Core R3 services to Partition service

How to test:

Functionality was tested with Schema service , that successfully consume TenantInfo from Partition Service

Changes include:

  • Refactor (a non-breaking change that improves code maintainability).
  • Bugfix (a non-breaking change that solves an issue).
  • New feature (a non-breaking change that adds functionality).
  • Breaking change (a change that is not backward-compatible and/or changes current functionality).

Changes in:

  • Common code

Dev Checklist:

  • Added Unit Tests, wherever applicable.
  • Updated the Readme, if applicable.
  • Existing Tests pass
  • Verified functionality locally
  • Self Reviewed my code for formatting and complex business logic.

Other comments:

Partition service must have configured TenantInfo according to common model:
Long id;
String name;
String projectId;
String serviceAccount;
String complianceRuleSet;
String dataPartitionId;
List crmAccountIds;

Edited by Rustam Lotsmanenko (EPAM)

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