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Reverting the version to 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT for default branch

David Diederich requested to merge revert-version into master

The patch version, 0.8.1-SNAPSHOT, will be used by the release/0.8 branch after tagging the first release. It will refer to patches on 0.8 that are in development. Version 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT is used by the default branch (master) during development of features for the upcoming 0.8 release.

This should not be incremented by MRs. Instead, once merged, create a release candidate version on a tag commit that is separate from the development line. Until I get some time to write tooling to do this automatically, I'll take on the responsibility of making the RC versions.

This MR will revert the version of master to 0.8.0-SNAPSHOT. After it merges, I'll immediately create a release candidate version on it. That version will be functionally equivalent to what's currently building as 0.8.1-SNAPSHOT, in case anybody needs that particular version. Then, I'll purge all packages in the registry that have a 0.8.1-SNAPSHOT version so they don't create confusion later on when the 0.8.1-SNAPSHOT version goes into use on the release/0.8 branch. If that breaks anybody's build, they can use the release candidate version instead.

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