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Update, will fix invaliddata-partition-id return 500 code

Bruce Jin requested to merge partition_service_illegal_partition_handle into master

Resolving issue #70

While making calls to OSDU services, such as secret and storage service, testers discover that if they put invalid symbols in data_partition_id, we will have 500 code, but with reason of Access Denied. After investigation, we realize the partition service did not consider the situation that user put invalid URI symbols like @#$% in data partition id, which will make the normalizeStringUrl function have Java.Lang exception in this

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Malformed escape pair at index 57: http://os-partition:8080/api/partition/v1/partitions/osdu%
	at org.opengroup.osdu.core.common.util.UrlNormalizationUtil.normalizeStringUrl(

This will generate a 500 code in entitlement service since the service will treat this error as a general error in, instead a 400 code.

So as an optional solution, a try-catch will handle the exception within normalizeStringUrl function and return a AppException so the service will know what it is.

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