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Upgrade First Party Library Dependencies for Release 0.24

David Diederich requested to merge dependency-upgrade into master

This generated MR upgrades the first party libraries (other OSDU libraries) to utilize the latest release. The intent is to keep the OSDU projects utilizing the latest available code to ensure widespread usage and stability. However, any library that is older than the previous release will be left as-is, since the upgrade is likely to be more complicated. Furthermore, the upgrade should only be merged in the CI pipeline reports success.

If this MR has failed, we can spend a little time investigating to see if a trivial upgrade could achieve compatiblity to the new library. But significant upgrade efforts should not occur on this MR, as part of the release tagging process. Instead, significant work should be scheduled for a subsequent milestone.

Dependency Information Before the Upgrade

Branch: master
SHA:    cd308d409efe351cab1a8c5edad8786ff5abbc09
Maven:  0.24.0-SNAPSHOT
Maven Dependencies Root
os-core-common 0.23.0

Dependency Information After the Upgrade

Branch: dependency-upgrade
SHA:    9fba31661c05cd12b2a910caf1effa494fde728a
Maven:  0.24.0-SNAPSHOT
Maven Dependencies Root
os-core-common 0.24.0

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