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Draft: Added EntitlementsFactoryAzure in Core-Lib-Azure

Muskan Srivastava requested to merge muskans-corelib-factories into master

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What is the issue or story related to the change?

This is one of the MRs that will be required to add configurable Retries and Timeouts functionality to the services. It adds EntilementsFactoryAzure which will have retry and timeouts enabled for the calls made to Entitlements - Service V2. This EntitlementsFactoryAzure can be used in the services which want retry and timeouts enabled for entitlements service. It is same as "EntitlementsFactory" class of core-common in Entitlements-V2, except for the fact that it will use HttpClientAzure instead of HttpClient which will have retry and timeouts enabled.

High level design: Please refer to this design doc. This MR can be seen as one of the steps taken under sub-section named "[OPTION-1]- Have our own Http Client"

Does this introduce a breaking change?

  • NO

Pending items

Following MR will be brought up:

  • HttpClientAzure: implementation
  • RetryAndTimeoutsConfiguration: properties for timeouts and retries configuration will be added
  • EntitlementsFactoryAzure: retry and timeouts will be set for EntitlementsService class
  • Other factory classes on the lines of EntitlementsFactoryAzure needs to be added.
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