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handle schema update mismatch in elasticsearch

Mykyta Savchuk requested to merge elastic-schema-mismatch into master

Issue here is we have a type change in schema. In current release (M22), Indexer is rejecting if it detects type change on the schema, it's unable to reconcile when it tries to merge updated schema with index schema. Such type change can only be done for schema that are in DEVELOPMENT status. Users are expected to reindex the kind if they change the schema. It's creating service availability issues and impacting SLOs.

Before M22, we used to ignore this error and not fail indexing, but in current version we are doing it.

To fix the issue, as part of this PR following changes were made in case of schema mismatch:

  • Skips over entire data block while indexing
  • Index schema incompatibility error on index.trace attribute
  • Responds with '200' error code
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