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Rego Validation, Audit and tracing improvements

Shane Hutchins requested to merge verify_rego into master

Rego Validation for #80 (closed)

And #111 (closed)

  • Added new API /validate/{policy_id} that supports templating
  • Validation now on by default for policy put (add/update) "/policies/osdu/partition/{data_partition}/{policy_id}"
  • Validation for policies updates can be turned off by env variable ENABLE_VERIFY_POLICY
  • New X-SHA-1 response headers
  • New sha1 in json response from put "/policies/osdu/partition/{data_partition}/{policy_id}"
  • SHA-1 in pod Audit log messages for updates
  • New unit test and integration test for /validate API
  • Updated Documentation
  • Updated openapi.yaml. Please note gitlab does not support rendering of OpenAPI 3.1.0 yet.
  • X-Debug-Result response header bugfix for use with ENABLE_DEV_DIAGNOSTICS
  • Added client_host to /config API
  • Envoy tracing support
  • Improved audit logging
  • Updated put response json message field if new (add) or updated (existing) in bundle and updated status code 202 for new/updated and 200 for no change detected.
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