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Replace JaxRsDpsLog logging with SLF4J abstraction

Kelly Domico requested to merge users/kedomico/UseSLF4JForAppLogs into master

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What is the current behavior?

A number of classes in the core code use JaxRsDpsLog for application/trace logging. JaxRsDpsLog will no longer support application/trace logging in the future.

Issue: Common Logger Interface for Java

What is the new behavior?

The classes that use JaxRsDpsLog are updated to use the SLF4J abstraction directly for application/trace logging.

Does this introduce a breaking change?

  • [YES]

CSP will need to configure the binding and logger framework (log4j, logback) for SLF4J. If no binding is found no the classpath, SLF4J will default to the no-binding implementation.

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