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Various configuration to enable dependency analysis

David Diederich requested to merge add-dependency-generation-config into master

osdu/platform/ci-cd-pipelines!539 (merged) introduces some changes to the python.yml file to generate more output in the compile-and-unit-test job, for use in later jobs. Since this project had overridden the artifacts list in order to extend it, it needs to be updated.

Also, the dependency generation will now scan for files, and use them to determine the name and version of any artifacts built by the python project. This MR adds the variable IGNORE_PYTHON_SETUP to ignore the two found in this project, but which aren't used to specify the version of Wellbore Domain Services.

This MR can be safely merged ahead of osdu/platform/ci-cd-pipelines!539 (merged) -- it will not have any effect. However, it is needed to make the new dependency analysis work.

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