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Slb code push

David Diederich requested to merge slb-code-push into master

This includes the core code dump and a basic pipeline that manages the building, unit tests, and fossa scans.

The pipeline also includes a step to containerize the service. I left this part here (not generalized to the CI-CD Pipelines project), since it isn't complete yet. The next steps would be to deploy the container to a cloud provider and run some integration tests against it. Once that has happened, we can determine the best approach for doing this, including deciding whether the containerizing can be cloud-independent or whether it needs to be specific / repeated for each.

Before Merging:

  1. osdu/platform/ci-cd-pipelines!104 (merged) needs to be merged
  2. The .gitlab-ci.yml files needs to be changed to refer to 'master' (either explicitly with ref: "master" or implicitly by omitting the ref tag)
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