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test: updated dataset register random test

Pratiksha Shedge requested to merge slb/ps/dataset-register-random into master

Type of change

  • Bug Fix
  • Feature
  • Pipeline
  • Test
  • Documentation

Does this introduce a change in the core logic?

  • No
  • Yes

Does this introduce a change in the cloud provider implementation, if so which cloud?

  • AWS
  • Anthos
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • IBM

Does this follow conventional commits spec?

  • No
  • Yes

Have you set the target Milestone?

  • No
  • Yes

Have you set the no-detached-pipeline label?

  • No
  • Yes

Updates description?

Issue description-In this MR I see that the variables seismic_default_admins and seismic_default_viewers are set three times with different values, but they are used only once and tests don't fail when the value changes. The logic of tests needs to be reviewed.

Solution- The request body used for registering the dataset 'random' with variables 'seismic_default_admins' and 'seismic_default_viewer' was found to be unacceptable for that endpoint. I have since modified the endpoint's request body, and I can confirm that it is now working fine.

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