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Cherry-pick 'fix: gonrg-6641 fix redis connection' into release/0.19

fix: gonrg-6641 fix redis connection

See merge request !656 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit dd53aa1d)

d9044934 fix: gonrg-6641 fix redis host in configmap 229962cb fix: gonrg-6641 add LOCKSMAP_REDIS_INSTANCE_KEY env variable 5c0a8e9c fix: gonrg-6641 disable redis instance tls 08a2ea99 fix: revert gonrg-6641 disable redis instance tls cb0fbea7 fix: gonrg-6641 add redisSubscriptionClient without tls 87e030ad fix: gonrg-6641 add redisSdmsTlsDisabled c7527b28 GONRG-6641: Add REDIS_INSTANCE_TLS_DISABLE to google config ee7a4b96 GONRG-6641: Revert changes in locker.ts 9e734e71 GONRG-6641: Add TLS disable for sdms-locker-sebscription 51031cbf GONRG-6641: Add TLS_DISABLE to anthos Config 4e3ebde8 GONRG-6641: Set anthos cloudprovider in gc-anthos-deploy 5fa3e86f remove conditional checks

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