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Draft: feat: add e2e tests for sdms-v4 generic dataset APIs

Varunkumar Manohar requested to merge slb/vm/sdms-v4-integration-tests into master

This MR adds 19 end-to-end generic-dataset integration tests for SDMS V4 APIs

To run these tests the following steps are required

  1. Set the config.json with appropriate values

     "partition": "#{data-partition}#",
     "url": "http://localhost:5000/seistore-svc/api/v4/",
     "credential": "token accepted by sddms-v4",
     "legalTag": "legal-tag" ,
     "ownerAcl": "entitlement-admin-group-email",
     "viewerAcl": "entitlement-viewer-group-email",
     "user": "user-email-address"
  2. Ensure the URL points to a valid SDDMS-v4 deployment. If running locally, ensure the service is running

  3. Run the end-to-end tests

    ./tests/e2e/ --seistore-svc-url="http://localhost:5000/seistore-svc/api/v4/"
    --user-idtoken="${STOKEN}" \
    --datapartition="${PARTITION" \
    --legaltag="${LEGAL_TAG}" \
    --admin-acl-group="${ADMIN_ACL_GROUP}" \
    --viewer-acl-group="${VIEWER_ACL_GROUP}" \


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