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Foundations for dataset level access functionality

Varunkumar Manohar requested to merge slb/vm/basefordatasetaccesstask into master

Foundation work to enable Dataset Level Access.

Updates to the subproject register endpoint:

  • Remove the logic to clear entitlements group. Only provision data-group with random uuidv4
  • Use the same uuidv4 for both admin/viewer group
  • Introduce access_policy attribute at the subproject metadata level. This policy can be set to "uniform" or "dataset"
  • Updates to the swagger openapi.yaml to account for changes to the subproject models

Update the subproject patch endpoint:

  • Allow access_policy values to be updated. Allow unidirectional policy updates i.e. only uniform to dataset access_policy change would be possible.
  • Updates to the swagger openapi.yamlto account for these changes Update the subproject delete endpoint:
  • Remove the requirement to clear groups as entitlements v2 allows soft deleting groups
  • Add functionality to invoke entitlements v2 delete api
  • Update the subproject delete method and delete the associated datagroups in the acls. Only seistore datagroups and seistore service groups would be deleted

Update unit and e2e postman tests

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