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Update all dependencies to versions that work with GCC 13

Morten Ofstad requested to merge feature/morten.ofstad/UpdateGCP2 into master
  • Update ManyLinux to 2_28 since 2_24 is EOL and has too old compilers to work with new versions of abseil.
  • Reduce build parallelism for gitlab-ci.
  • Do not install link libraries on Linux/MacOS.
  • Change order of Abseil libs so they work with single-scan linkers on Linux.
  • Set INSTALL_RPATH correctly for MacOS.
  • Update openssl and make sure to set libdir when configuring.
  • Fix library names for Absl/Crc32c/GCP for Linux/MacOS.
  • Include stdint.h where needed. It was pulled in indirectly by string.h prior to GCC 13.
  • Specify C++14 standard when building abseil and google cloud libraries. Make the dependencies of google cloud libraries depend on the actual packages built rather than test for platform.
  • Update GCP dependencies to latest versions that compile with GCC 13.
  • Update GCP to version 1.19.0 and build as external project (with abseil and Crc32c built as separate external projects).
  • Fix PyGlobal so it doesn't include the constructor for DMSOpenOptions that take a authProviderCallback argument.
  • Update Azure SDK for C++ to latest version (1.10.3).
  • Allow pip to break system packages in the alpine Dockerfile. Alpine now uses Python 3.11 that implements the new PEP 668, Marking Python base environments as “externally managed”.
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