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Fetch legal tag from Segy file and use it for VDS Creation

Deepa Kumari requested to merge dk/az-fix-legal-vds into master

As described in issue: osdu/platform/data-flow/ingestion/segy-to-vds-conversion#16 (closed)

The VDS File creation fails, when the parent repository is not having a legal tag even though the Segy File is having a legal tag.

Changes made to resolve the issue:

  1. Read the legal while the attempt to lock the Segy File is made. It will be the ltag which is returned from the Seismic Store Lock API
  2. Fetch this Legal tag from Segy Import file by iterating over all data providers before VDS Creation
  3. Add this legal tag to connection string(if present)
  4. Legal tag will be then processed and converted into DMSOptions, when VDS create is called.
  5. Legal tag from DMS Options will then be used when attempt to Register dataset is made.
  6. In all the cases, wherever noticed added a warning to tell Legal tag is empty.
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