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Feature/jorgen.lind/static dependencies

Jørgen Lind requested to merge feature/jorgen.lind/static_dependencies into master

This is a rather large change set that compiles all dependencies as static libraries. This results in libopenvds.[dll|so] to not have any other dependencies than some system libraries on windows and the gcc toolhcain libc on linux. We are also hiding the symbols from the dependencies so that library symbol clashing should be less of a problem. aws has quite a few symbol declared with weak linkage which is not ideal. I have not been able to remove them, but I hope most of the go away when we remove aws-cpp-sdk and just use aws-crt. This change also bumps the minimal compiler on Windows to Visual Studio 2017. We have also remove the AzureStorage as the main Azure dependency and move over to azure-sdk-for-cpp. AzureStorage has been deprecated for quite some time...

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