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Service Enablement for Seismic and Wellbore DDMS

Wesley Holman requested to merge aws-develop into master

Seismic and Wellbore DDMS services have been enabled in their respective repositories with the following branch names:

Seismic: aws-ibm-helm

Wellbore: aws-ibm-helm

The top-level charts in ibm-osdu-provisioning have been updated to pull in these container images and deploy to the EKS cluster.

Preliminary results:

We are seeing healthy pod statuses for both services, and the pod logs indicate successful deployment. We are currently finishing validation with functional integration tests- Seismic has passing Postman tests within the cluster, and Wellbore passes pytest functional integration tests against a locally-hosted Docker container image. For Seismic, the redis error is misleading, some fix is being worked but no confirmation it is worked, doesn't impact anything functionally, ideally we can proceed with the functional testing.


The timeout flag was increased to account for longer uninstall times we were noticing. Dataset changes are present in this Helm chart update, but they do not impact other critical services.

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