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testing in AWS environment

Dmitry Kniazev requested to merge demo/aws into develop

I have made a few changes to the TopicAdminService and its interface to make it work because the idea was to derive the topic names from the stream record/stream definition attributes: SourceBindings | SinkBindings or both (depending on the stream type). I have also implemented this logic in the StreamAdminService simply because I didn't want to touch the TopicAdminService.

This MR is for review only, we don't have to actually merge it.

Other things to discuss:

  • How to provide the ENV variables in the stream record?
  • Further integration testing with the Fake ETP Producer? Deployment definition?
  • Remove the ECR registry name from the stream record -> move it to the StreamAdminService configuration
  • Handling Exceptions -> propagate them to the Controller? What's the best practice?

Will discuss more in our meeting tomorrow at 10am Central Time.

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