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Merge branch '2-file-upload-is-incompatible-with-signed-urls' into 'master'

Shrikant Garg requested to merge cherry-pick-f2d05489 into release/0.17

Set no_auth parameter

Closes #2 (closed)

See merge request !35 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit f2d05489)

65bc3ef2 Set no_auth parameter 9edd66f6 properly set data_partition_id 3d70fc4b add debugging messages 0160dd13 Add more debugging code. ca4a0fef add more debugging 323b5159 fix indentation cbee552c fix json path to signed url when using old API c623e031 fix issue with no_auth 93161fea fix bug 9c1fb311 fix bug ff1efc57 fix bug 158a8300 fix bug ba31af0f fix bug 38054f26 Merge branch 'master' into 2-file-upload-is-incompatible-with-signed-urls 3c43233b remove debugging code @chad @divido Require this cherry pick MR for manifest by reference

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