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Ratnesh requested to merge IT-Change-RebasedOnMaster25May into master

IT was using kinds which were overlapping with actual kinds used by customers. Ex- :petrel:well , :oga:well , :ihs:wellbore , :ihs:log etc.

Since IT would also be run in higher environments into shared partition, it would create IT specific data into customer's scope.

To tackle this, we have modified IT to use custom kinds (like - <tenant_name>:testSourceC:testEntityC:1.0.0) so that it does not pollute customers data.

Also, we would write a clean script to delete this data stored on partition, created by integration test scripts later. and for this we wanted to segregate the data based on these custom kinds.

As part of this MR, we had to make changes in several files and also add a few - which are mostly either the test data files or cucumber specific files.

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