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Normal Contributor Branch

David Diederich requested to merge contributor-in-mr into master

This MR demonstrates what a normal contributor branch looks like with a corresponding trusted pipeline. The committer has already expressed their trust of the branch (by created the trusted-contributor-in-mr branch), so the trigger will work.

Notice how the child pipeline has jobs in the build stage for selected each of the cloud deployments independently. For this example, I started one of the pipelines manually -- notice how only one chain of deployments and integration tests executed. The MR's pipeline status shows as "failed" because some of the stages were not run (not running is marked the same as a failure).

Committers will need to review carefully and make sure that the correct pipelines were executed, and that their results are successful, before merging. Automatic merges are highly discouraged in these conditions.

Edited by David Diederich

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