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Azure - (3/4) - Adding missing context path for Storage

Duvelis Carao requested to merge fix-context-path-storage into master

This impacts only Azure Implementation

• What is the change? Adding context path to Azure Storage: /api/storage/v2/

• What does it impact? New URL for storage endpoint

• How do I reproduce or test the change?

This MR is part of group of MRs with dependencies between them

  1. Update infrastructure (Azure / osdu-infrastructure) to have reference to the new URLs (
  2. Adding missing context path for entitlements.
  3. Adding missing context path for legal.
  4. Adding missing context path for storage.
  5. Adding missing context path for indexer

After merging this MR, the new Storage URL will be: https://{host}/api/storage/v2/

Before merging this MR:

This PR is related to 6 other requests for changing a URL structure and adding in context paths for services.

  1. osdu-infrastructure 1/6 PR
  2. CI-CD Pipelines 2/6 This PR
  3. Entitlements Azure 3/6 osdu/platform/security-and-compliance/entitlements-azure!11 (merged)
  4. Legal 4/6 osdu/platform/security-and-compliance/legal!32 (merged)
  5. Storage 5/6 !33 (merged)
  6. Indexer 6/6

They are all required and any one but not the other will break builds and tests across the entire ecosystem for Azure.

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