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to search data across multiple kinds in one search

Zhibin Mai requested to merge multi-indices into master


This MR depends on MR 127

Using a snapshot lib from MR MR 127, we ran a test with simple query for "well" across 30 indices in one of the SLB env, the query is simple and the result is promising:

• Wildcard kind: -- took about 3.5 seconds

{ "kind": "*:*:*:*", "limit": 25, "query": "well AND ((kind: \"opendes:welldb:wellbore2:1.0.0\") OR (kind: \"opendes:osdudemo:wellbore:1.0.0\") OR (kind: \"opendes:wks:polylineSet:1.0.0\") OR (kind: \"slb:wks:log:1.0.5\") OR ..." }

• Multi-kinds: -- took about 0.624 seconds

{ "kind": "opendes:welldb:wellbore2:1.0.0,opendes:osdudemo:wellbore:1.0.0,opendes:wks:polylineSet:1.0.0,slb:wks:log:1.0.5,opendes:osdu:wellbore-master:16.1.2,slb:wks:trajectory:1.0.5,...", "limit": 25, "query": "well" }

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