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OpenDES GA code merge

ethiraj krishnamanaidu requested to merge opendes-ga-branch into master
  • Fix searching using a wildcard and cross tenant search query
  • ScrollQueryServiceImpl class, added optimization for scroll request if users want to iterate over all documents regardless of order
  • QueryServiceImpl & ScrollQueryServiceImpl , Infinite Scroll is not working properly on card view
  • Security fix: Library upgrades
  • Bug fix: ElasticIndexNameResolver updated
  • Enhancement : Improved search analyzer, see IndexerMappingServiceImpl in indexer service for details
  • Task queue API updated in indexer-queue service (GCP specific implementation, other providers have own implementation, no impact expected)
  • Support indexing of all primitive data types IndexerServiceImpl and parsing/mapping files
  • Enhancement : Audit log has been added. QueryBase, QueryServiceImpl, ScrollQueryServiceImpl and other files have been updated for all providers
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