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update to DD schema repo SHA cf1abb97d9f150c76b50dd079a2b2fca20aee43e 2021-08-17

Thomas Gehrmann [InvitedE] requested to merge 65-m8-dd-content into master

Closes #65 (closed)

Summary of Changes

(since last update July 16, 2021 SHA 9118f8a7) Links lead to Member GitLab.

  1. Anonymous object fragments
    1. The up to now anonymous object in the data allOf array is programmatically named IndividualProperties to assist the schema version validation. Objects will be identified via their title to perform matching and comparison for schema validation.
    2. Also added a title for Well and Wellbore's VerticalMeasurementID element.
    3. Also improved: the large table describing the data properties in the E-R markdown are split into sections by allOf array members.
  2. WellboreMarkerSet
    Similar modernization as for WellLog;1.1.0 and WellboreTrajectory:1.1.0. The content for the 'bulk' data (e.g., in the CSV file) ws worked out earlier by Chris Hough and Daniel Perna, see here:
    1. Added osdu:wks:reference-data--MarkerPropertyType:1.0.0 to hold the well-known marker property types - or in context of CSV files column definitions. This type is based on osdu:wks:AbstractReferencePropertyType:1.0.0.
    2. Created osdu:wks:work-product-component--WellboreMarkerSet:1.1.0 to add
      1. data.AvailableMarkerProperties[] The array of MarkerProperty definitions describing the available properties for this instance of WellboreMarkerSet
      2. data.Markers[].MarkerSubSeaVerticalDepth The Marker's TVD converted to a Sub-Sea Vertical depth, i.e., below Mean Sea Level. Note that TVD values above MSL are negative. This is the same as true vertical depth referenced to the vertical CRS “MSL depth”.
  3. PersistedCollection
    Moved master-data--Collection (created earlier above) to the work-product-component group-type as osdu:wks:work-product-component--PersistedCollection:1.0.0.
    1. Added support for a generic collection entity, which can refer to any master-data, reference-data, work-product and/or work-product-component group-type member. PersistedCollection is not to be confused with the transient DataCollection. The new entity is documented here: osdu:wks:work-product-component--PersistedCollection:1.0.0.
    2. The collection purpose or intent is classified by a new reference value type osdu:wks:reference-data--CollectionPurpose:1.0.0.
  4. Generic Geometry Datasets
    In preparation of Generic Geometry Representations, we need content descriptions, which are specific enough to let consumers understand whether they can parse the data content or not.
    1. osdu:wks:dataset--File.GeoJSON:1.0.0 for WGS 84 vector geometries.
    2. osdu:wks:dataset--FileCollection.Esri.Shape:1.0.0 for shapefiles. Shapefiles can refer to any coordinate reference system (CRS) but not necessarily to a complete spatial reference allowing the geometry to be placed on the world map. The full CRS specification is provided in the dataset via the schema fragment osdu:wks:AbstractSpatialReference:1.0.0
    3. Reference values for EncodingFormatType and SchemaFormatType are delivered in parallel.
    4. For further details and examples, please refer to the WorkedExamples
  5. Governance Change for EncodingFormatType, SchemaFormatType
    New reference values have been added to support generic geometries and images.
    1. osdu:wks:reference-data--EncodingFormatType:1.0.0 changed from LOCAL to OPEN.
    2. osdu:wks:reference-data--SchemaFormatType:1.0.0 changed from LOCAL to OPEN.

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