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Schema Notification

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With schema notification changes there will be a notification triggered on the event-grid topic. There is a new contract introduced in the core module IMessageBus with the below signature:

public interface IMessageBus {
	void publishMessage(String schemaId, String eventType);

This is a breaking change for the rest of the vendors but to avoid any run time issues below stub is added which is expected to implemented by each vendor.

public class MessageBusImpl implements IMessageBus{

	private JaxRsDpsLog logger;

	public void publishMessage(String schemaId, String eventType) {
		// TODO Auto-generated method stub
		logger.warning("publish message not implemented ye");



Runtime variables:

By default, notification feature is turned off using the below parameter:


Value of this parameter can be found at: \schema-service\devops\azure\chart\templates\deployment.yaml

            - name: event_grid_enabled
              value: "false"
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