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Partition ddp change m18

Himanshu Kumrawat requested to merge partition-ddp-change-m18 into azure/m18-master

m16 PR: Partition ddp change (!449)

Modified the partition-service core-package to configure permission check for CRUD operations explicitly. A new overridden method is added for implementation to fulfill the requirements. The default flow for non-azure implementations remains the same logic wise.

There is a new configuration variable {enable.crud.based.authorization} added to enable the check before accepting any rest API call within preauthorize annotation.

If the above flag is enabled by ISP, the Create/Patch/Delete calls will be forbidden on security-token generated using all the non-customer apps. Only the tokens with customer appid's are allowed to perform CRUD operations.

Testing for partition changes

Before Changes:

Using non MSI token: GET allowed: image.png LIST allowed: image.png CREATE allowed: image.png DELETE allowed: image.png PATCH allowed: image.png

After Changes:

  1. For Non MSI Token:

GET allowed: image.png LIST allowed: image.png CREATE not allowed: image.png PATCH not allowed: image.png DELETE not allowed image.png

  1. For MSI Token:

GET allowed. image.png CREATE allowed. image.png LIST allowed. image.png DELETE allowed. image.png PATCH allowed. image.png

Integration Tests:image.png

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