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Merge branch 'GONRG-6771_Update_bootstrap_for_minio_external_endpoint' into 'master'

GONRG-6771: Update bootstrap for minio external endpoint

See merge request !367 (merged)

(cherry picked from commit ee058949)

74a020b5 GONRG-6771: Replace file.minio.endpoint with obm.minio.external.endpoint 8d02a2e8 GONRG-6771: Add obm.minio.ignoreCertCheck 41449b0e GONRG-6771: Remove file.minio properties b2720879 GONRG-6771: Update NOTICE cfc14e22 GONRG-6771: Fix typo 7f24eb44 GONRG-6771: Fix typo a93a8ed4 Merge branch 'master' into GONRG-6771_Update_bootstrap_for_minio_external_endpoint

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