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Draft: Fixing Notification IT - Increasing read timeout

Harsheet Shah requested to merge Increase_Timeout_for_NotificationIT into master

Type of change

  • Bug Fix
  • Feature

Please provide link to gitlab issue or ADR(Architecture Decision Record)

Does this introduce a change in the core logic?

  • [YES/NO] NO

Does this introduce a change in the cloud provider implementation, if so which cloud?

  • AWS Yes
  • Azure Yes
  • Google Cloud Yes
  • IBM Yes

Does this introduce a breaking change?

  • [YES/NO] No

What is the current behavior?

What is the new/expected behavior?

Have you added/updated Unit Tests and Integration Tests?


Increasing the timeout for read, as storage creation take more time. Logs

api-method=PUT operation-name={PUT [/records], consumes [application/json], produces [application/json]} user-id=51d2f791-795b-4c8d-9657-cd23b1f9f2a7 End Web-API PUT /records Headers: {correlation-id:storage-notification-it,content-type:application/json} status=201** time=64933 **ms {correlation-id=storage-notification-it, data-partition-id=uptest522v3-dp1}

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