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Made the constructor of services public

Muskan Srivastava requested to merge muskans-core into master

This MR makes constructor of following classes as public: -

  • CrsConverterService
  • EntitlementsService
  • LegalService
  • SubscriptionService(notification)
  • PolicyService
  • SearchService
  • StorageService

Currently, there are 2 services - PartitionService and EntitlementsService V2, which have public constructors and rest have package-private. Making the constructor public will increase the accessibility and extensibility of Service classes ( used as placeholder). As of now, Factory classes which return an instance to Service (for example, EntitlementsFactory returns instance of EntitlementsService) acts as the only access point to Service classes. By making the constructor public of the above mentioned classes will enable us to extend those classes, write our own Factory classes that or use Http Client of our choice.
Impact :
This will enable us to: -

  1. Have parity in SDK.
  2. The factories can be overloaded. This will enable us to plug in HttpClient.
  3. Opens up Service classes being used as SDK to be able to be extensible and configurable.
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